The Top 3 Worst Things about Texas
August 1, 2017 by noelbranham in Texas 2 Comments

Yes. You read that title right. As blasphemous as it sounds there are some things wrong with Texas. Let’s look at them in detail:  It ain’t big enough. We’ve all heard it. El Paso is closer to San Diego than to Houston. It’s astounding. But isn’t that still a little sad? Shouldn’t it be… Santa Fe, TX, is closer to New Orleans, TX, than New York, TX. (See what I did there?) You know it would be the best possible solution if we just made our great big state even bigger! There ain’t enough Texans. You read me right, partner… there ain’t. (Which definitely IS a word). You see, if there were enough Texans to go around, they would be able to infect the world with their friendliness and the proper terms when referring to a few people, (y’all) and when referring to a large group of people, (All y’all). The day when all y’all people of the world say y’all and are kind to each other… is the day you know there are enough Texans inhabiting it. Breakfast tacos don’t exist outside the state. That’s right. The moment you exit the Promised Land of Texas and drive over the state line is […]

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