Noel Branham

My name is Noel and I’m the author behind The Simple Soul of Susan.

Have you ever felt like you have lost a good friend the moment you finished a book? There are so many stories out there, so many that shape our view of the world and change our understanding of love. On the blog, you will find a range of things that inspire lovers of fiction to love their reality.

My writing journey started back in 2015 when my reality was that I would never be able to return home to Texas. I realized then, that even if I couldn’t be in the physical location that was home to me, I could bring an experience of home to myself and to others through writing.

I hope you enjoy all this site has to offer, that it feels like home, and that your reality is made a bit brighter by it.



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    What People say

    «This Author has the power to draw you in and keep your attention from A to Z.»

    «Days after reading this book the characters stayed with me, which sent me back for another read!»

    «The writing from this first-time author was great and I can’t wait to see future works.»

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