The Love Interests of Christy: David vs. Doctor Neil MacNeill
January 26, 2018 by noelbranham in Books 10 Comments

(Contains Spoilers for Christy!) I read Christy (by Catherine Marshall)  in two days. Not only was it a beautifully written and timeless narrative of Appalachian culture… it was also a most refreshing romance. One of the most satisfying tropes in any story is the main character (Christy) falling in love while being unaware of it happening; she had never felt like this before. Sometimes true love, if its never been experienced… can indeed be unrecognizable. Love had to be -pleasing relationship… never mind that he basically watched her fall into a creek and didn’t help because his Sunday best couldn’t be soiled. Thankfully, towards the end, she discovered that her relationship and feelings for David weren’t loved at all. Now I’ve heard the questions before: When did she fall in love with Doctor Neil MacNeill? Did the Doctor really love her? Was she just a rebound after his wife died? How was the relationship with Neil relationship better than her and David’s? Here are some answers about how Christy and Doctor Neil’s relationship was TRUE LOVE: Respect: Christy has many ideas regarding how to improve education in the impoverished mountains. But David doesn’t take her seriously: “David smiled at me in a patronizing […]

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