Three Movies That Were More Romantic Than the Books
August 31, 2017 by noelbranham in Books 4 Comments

We have all heard it: The book was better than the movie. While that may be true the movie often ups the romance factor in a good way. Surprising to some, there are actually few instances where the film is more romantic than the original┬átext. Let’s take a look: Anne of Green Gables Here are the major differences between the book and the 1985 TV Mini-series Anne of Green Gables. These variances are why the series is more romantic: The presence of Gilbert Blythe. In the book, Gilbert is still present but not really as conveniently involved in Anne’s life. For example, Gil isn’t there when Anne falls off the ridgepole or when she is looking for a dance partner at the ball with her puffed sleeves. Bummer. Scarlett fever. In the written text we never see Anne sitting at Gil’s side when he contracts Scarlett fever. She also never writes a book and dedicates it to him. Gilbert’s other woman. In the book, he acts like he is interested in another girl who is already engaged just to get Anne’s attention…. whereas in the movie he was engaged but broke it off because the other girl would never be […]

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