Four Reasons You Should Read Northanger Abbey
October 24, 2017 by noelbranham in Books 5 Comments

Pride and Prejudice, Persuasion, Emma, Sense and Sensibility… These are all among books by Jane Austen that most people have read. The only book missing from this list is the quick and fascinating Northanger Abbey. Here are four reasons you NEED some NA in your life: Henry Tilney: Of all the males in Austen’s works Henry Tilney is among my favorites. His sarcasm and cleverness are highlighted by the endearing banter he shares throughout the book.  Realistic and witty, he mocks polite society in an attempt to show them for what they really are: social climbing gold diggers. He finds Catherine’s kindhearted and optimistic view of the world refreshing and endearing… and able to tame his sometimes cynical heart. Henry: “And are you altogther pleased with Bath?” Catherine: “Yes–I like it very well.” Henry: “Now I must give one smirk, and then we may be rational again.” The Dance Banter: None of Austen’s works have such flirtatious and smile-inducing dance banter. By ‘dance banter’ I mean the conversation that is exchanged while they perform the steps to their dance. Henry invites Catherine to dance on multiple occasions and their most private conversations are a treat to listen in on. The Mystery: What happened to Henry’s mother? Was she killed by Henry’s father? Was Northanger […]

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