Five Ways The Simple Soul of Susan isn’t like a Hallmark Movie
December 14, 2020 by noelbranham in People 19 Comments

It’s that time of year! Get your popcorn out and get ready for some cringe-worthy good times involving finding out the real identity of father’s, moving back home to marry someone you went to high school with, and losing your big city job… You know Hallmark Christmas movies! Ok, much hate aside… Everyone enjoys a good Christmas movie. It just feels so predictable and over-done and that can be so comforting this time of year… we are creatures of habit after-all… and I don’t mean nuns. BUT since it is that time of year, let’s set the record straight. Do you know how The Simple Soul of Susan is different from a Hallmark movie? No? Here are five ways: Susan’s dad is not actually Santa. There is no marriage involving a guy named Jeffery/Jeremy/Jack from High School. She isn’t trying to save her family business from an evil corporation that her love-interest owns. There is not the customary ‘accidental tripping’ onto a love-interest’s body. No kissing under a Christmas tree. Sorry to be the bearer of bad news. But I promise you will love what IS in there. Thanks, as always! XOXOXO

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