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February 8, 2020 by noelbranham in City, People, Texas 8 Comments

Hey y’all! I can’t tell you how many times I’ve been asked who sings the song in The Simple Soul of Susan’s book trailer. His name is Matt Moberg and he has a lot of really wonderful music. This song was kinda what I imagined if the book ever was picked up by producer (*COUGH *COUGH). Realistically though, I feel like the experience of listening to the song captures the soul of the book. Here are the lyrics and the book trailer if you haven’t seen it in a while: Love On Her Arms Let’s run away for good this timeHer baby blues are gonna make you cryShe don’t know the first thing of falling in loveShe’d love to try, let’s call all our very best friendsTell them that are lives are coming to an endWe’re going farther than standing stillIn five years I’ll get you a ringTake you to the steeple where the church bells singWe’ll thank God and Mom for love, love, loveAnd we’ll look pretty in the video showsKissing in front of our friends and foesTake the classes and say“Hey, I think I can see that love” We’re gonna take the world by stormI want to do […]

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